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- 90 minute interactive Transition Activity

- 90 minute Creativity Lecture 

Are you looking for a speaker who provides deep insights into his discipline, while making those tenets accessible to his audience?  Are you looking for a speaker who will resonate with even the most skeptical faculty members, someone who connects the philosophy of art with real-world significance?  Are you looking for someone who within a couple of hours will have a transformative impact?  I have known Professor Will Hinton as a friend and colleague for the past 15-years, and he was among the most active and passionate faculty members at the college where we served together.  During those years of shared experiences, he brought his academic dreams to fruition.  


Using those same keen insights and a genuine passion for his craft, he reaches the soul of his audience, and they are transformed.  Over the past seven years at my current institution, no visitor has been better received than Professor Will Hinton, and the lessons he taught us are still the topics of impromptu conversation and reflection.  I cannot overstate the value he brings to his audience…an unique knack for intertwining art with philosophical tenets and issues that we are facing in contemporary society…he makes you think of timeless topics anew, and brings momentum, a sense of purpose, and a renewed feeling of vitality to his audience.

- James Eck, PhD; Brenau University

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Professor of Education

SACSCOC Institutional Accreditation Liaison

Brenau University

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